Whale watching 

   on the Azores.



                                  Whale watching is a must when visiting the Azores. It's an experience that you might only get once in your

                                  On the Azores there are very good opportunities to achieve this experience. There are several companies who 
                                  arrange these excursions out on the open ocean. The price per person is about 45 . ( about 50,- US. 
                                  Dollars. Summer 2005.)

                                 The excursion takes about 3-4 hours, and takes place in big inflatable boats or fishing boats carrying about 
                                 8-14 people. Some companies arrange information's meetings before the excursion, informing about the lives 
                                 of the whales around  the Azores Islands. The companies are placed on Pico, Faial Sao Miguel and Santa 
                                 Maria. The best opportunities are from Pico and Faial.

                                 On the excursions the best precaution ill be taken, in order to not disturb the whales,  and other animals you meet 
                                 in the ocean. 

                                 If you want to be sure participate in these excursions, you have to make reservations at least 8 days in advance. 
                                 On the search engine on the front page, (Virtual Azores), you will find many companies who provide these exiting 
On Pico and Faial there are whale related museum.

                                 Photo ID a whale.  

                                 Your holiday snaps can help whale research. If you get a good photo of a whale-tail, you could help "Photo Identifi-
                                 cation Project" organized by the Department of Oceanography of the University of the Azores. Whale tails are almost 
                                 like fingerprints, they are called "flukes" - each is unique - and individual animals can be identified by them helping
                                 researchers gather informations regarding their habits and distribution. 

                                 Your photo can help in this regard. The photo need to be clear, in focus, fairly close or taken on zoom. The tail should
                                 preferably be straight on to the camera.

                                 You will have to take note of date, time and location of your photo, and send it to:

                                 University of Azores
                                 Department of Oceanography
                                 Horta 9000

                                 Digital images can be send to smagalhaes@notes.horta.uac.pt


   Doug Perrine


  Grald Soury


  Douglas D. Seiffert


  Gerald Soury


  Douglas D. Seiffert


  Jean-Luc Vaudin


  Douglas D. Seiffert


  Ralf Kiefner

  Joao Sequeira


  Gerald Soury

  Gerald Soury

Whaleprocessing factory on Pico. Now museum.



Whaling boats.


Inside the whaleprocessing factory.





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