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                              Terceira is the third largest island after S„o Miguel and Pico. There is a large American air base situated in
                              Lajes, which also is the main airport close to Praia da Vitoria. From here you can fly direct to all of the islands. 
                              Terceira is about 29 x 17 km. Here you have a population of about 58,000 people.

                              The largest town is Angra do Heroismo. The town is nominated by UNESCO as a  " world-town " worth to be 
                              preserved. The town was on New Years day 1980 struck by a huge earthquake. Many of the beautiful  buildings 
                              in the center of the town were destroyed. But many many beautiful buildings are still preserved. You can still see 
                              some remaining ruins from the earthquake. There are a very large cathedral, a historic museum, and a bullfighter 
                              arena. Angra do Heroismo is absolutely worth a visit with many hotels, residencias and restaurants for any 
                              wallet to choose from.

                              I can recommend "Restaurant Elios" at Rua de Sao Pedra 47, Angra do Heroismo. A small family place with 
                              very nice tasty and affordable food in a relaxed atmosphere. The staff is English speaking.

                              If you are renting a car, be aware that there are major parking problems in the center of Angra do Heroismo. 
                              The price for parking is 0,50 € per hour. (If even possible to find a place to park). So it's important that the hotel 
                              you stay in, can provide free private parking for the guests.

                             The second most important town on Terceira is Praia da Vitoria. It is located close to the American airbase in 
                             Lajes, which is also the civil airport of Terceira. There is a nice sandy beach in Praia da Vitoria.

                             The natural landscape is beautiful and has great varieties. There is a cavern, Algar do Carv„o, which absolutely 
                             is to be seen. Opening hours: 23. April-31. May 15.00-1730, 1. Juni-30. September 14.45-17.45., 1. October-16.   
                             October 15.00-17.30. Closed for the rest of the year. 

                             Not far from Algar do Carv„o is Serra da Santa Barbara, which is the highest point on Terceira, (1021 m.), and 
                             absolutely worth a visit. Go there in the morning if the sky is clear. The view is breathtaking. Usually it's very windy 
                             and chilly, so bring some worm to wear while you are on the very top. You can drive your car to the very top.

                             After Serra da Santa Barbara and Algar do Carv„o, you could chose eating your lunch at the charming lake 
                             Lagoa da Falca near by. There are no restaurants, so bring your own lunch. It's placed in a small forest, and have 
                             very good picnic/ barbeque facilities. (And a lot of ducks).

                             In the area of "Serra da Ribeirinha" you will find a excellent viewpoint over the "green patterned landscape". Just 
                             outside Angra do Heroismo on the road to Praia da Vitoria, there is a sign on the right side showing you the road 
                             to "Serra da Ribeirinha".

                             Around the islands you will find several small and very cozy villages. Just let me mention Porto Judeu, Biscoitos,
                             Ribeirinha, S„o Mateus and Terra Cha. In Biscoitos you can visit the local wine museum, which shows you how 
                             wine was produced in earlier days. Free entree, guided tour and a taste of the wine. You can also buy white wine 
                             produced on Terceira. Nowadays there is not produced enough red wine on Terceira for commercial purposes.

                            There is an excellent 18 hole golf course close to the Angra-Praia road.

                            See also General information about the Azores. ( F. A. Q. )


     Angra do Heroismo 






















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The square in Angra1989


The square in Angra 2004


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Praia da Vitoria







Sao Mateus




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Lagoa da Falca

















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Kapel i Porto Judeu


Porto Judeu havn




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