São Miguel


                São Miguel, also known as the green island, due to the abundance of pasture and forest covered peaks, 
                is the largest and most enchanting islands on the Azores. On São Miguel you can spend as much time as  
                you have. The nature is so beautiful, and does encourage for tours and for walks. In the summertime the
                landscapes full of flowers. If you want to " see it all ", you must stay for a longer period. The island is about 
                65 x12 km.  São Miguel would be a natural start on a holiday on the Azores. About 140.000 people live on 
                Sao Miguel.

                                It will take far too long to describe everything beautiful and interesting on São Miguel. It might sound easy to say,
                                but it really is overwhelming. The landscapes change all the time. There are many deep crater-lakes and geysers. 
                                Cozy villages in the hilly countryside. On the island of São Miguel it is a good idea to rent a car getting around.

                                All over the island you will find small cozy villages, which are absolutely worth a visit. 

                                Sete Cidades is situated on the very bottom of a big crater. You can easily enter the village by car. The church is
                                a must-see. Take a detour on the small road along the crater edge, and enjoy the excellent view. Close to Sete 
                                Cidades are several other beautiful lakes to enjoy visiting.
On Sao Miguel there are a few small beaches.

                                I suggest that you rent a car on Sao Miguel. The eastern part of Sao Miguel is where the biggest mountains are 
                                located. From "Pico Bartolomeus" you will find a spectacular view. On many maps the road to the top is shown 
                                as a forest-road. But the road is actually paved with asphalt, and very good all the way to the very top.

                                If you don't want to rent a car, I suggest that you "rent" a taxi for a few hours or for a day. It might even be cheaper 
                                for you than renting a car. In addition you will get an excellent guide, who will be glad to give you all the information 
                                about the island and local issues you want. But make sure you get a driver whom speaks English, or another language
                                you understand. I would like to
recommend Ricardo Amorim. He speaks English very well. You can contact him on
                                his web site 

                                On Sao Miguel there is a production of coffee, tea, pineapple, tobacco, bananas and pepper. Visit the tobacco 
                                plantation at the village Santo Antonio on the western part of the northern coast. Visit also the tea factory "GORREANA"
                                in Maia some close to Ribeira Grande on the eastern part of the northern coast. They still produce tea "the old fashion 
                                way" on very old machines. There has been a production of tea since1883, and is absolutely worth a visit.

                                Taxies runs without meters, but you pay fixed prices. You may ask for the price before you go. Look HERE to see 
                                examples of prices on different tours.

                                The tourist office in Ponta Delgada will be glad to give you all information you may need.

                                Ponta Delgada:

                                Maps of Sao Miguel and Ponta Delgada. CLICK HERE.

                                Ponta Delgada is the largest city on São Miguel, and on all the Islands of the Azores. It's an exiting and charming 
                                business town with lots of old houses and narrow streets. There is a great variety of hotels, residencias and restau-
                                rants for any wallet. Here you will also find the biggest concentration of tourists on the entire Azores. But still far as 
                                many as seen in other places in Europe. On the other smaller islands, you will only find few tourists. So far.

                                Staying at a hotel in the centre of Ponta Delgada, and renting a car, you will have problem parking your car, unless 
                                your hotel provides you with private parking. Parking is a huge problems in Ponta Delgada, mostly due to the narrow 
                                streets. You have to pay for parking between 08.00 AM and 06.00 PM.

                                Many restaurants are closed on Saturdays or Sundays. That indicates that the restaurants which are open, can 
                                be very crowded. So I recommend you eat on weekends before 08.00 PM. I can recommend a few restaurant's. In 
                                the centre of Ponta Delgada  They are "rest. O Museu" and "Rest. Bar Alianca". Table reservation in these restaurant's
                                is a must at least the day in advance. It's not necessary for lunch. Also in the centre of Ponta Delgada is "rest. O Curisco". 
                                In the eastern part of the town you find "Rest. Acores Marisqueira". These restaurants are some expensive compared to
                                other restaurants. But the quality is also very high. But you can still get a 2 dishes dinner for less than 10 €. Some restau-
                                rants serve "dinner of the day" such as Coke, soup, main dish and coffee for as little as 5 €.

                                Don't miss the fountain at the end of the road " Rua Joao III". It's spectacular. There is a nice public pool near the 
                                marina. On a rainy day you should visit the Carlos Machado Museum or "Parque Atlântico".

                                If you don't want to stay in big hotels, but instead prefer to stay in a smaller and "cozy" place, I can recommend
                                “Casa Vitoriana”. It’s located in the central of Ponta Delgada, and it’s nice, clean and calm. “Casa Vitoriana” is a rare
                               example of an older well preserved Victorian house with 3 flats; all furnished in original Victorian style, but fully moderni-
                               zed to the standard you can expect today, including shared laundry room.

                               All flats have private kitchen and bathroom, cable TV and option for wireless Internet access. In the peacefully shared
                               garden there are many flowers, and several exiting tropical fruit trees. In the back of the garden there is a small separate
                               house for rent, equipped like the flats.

                                Another nice option for accommodation is "Quinta das Acacias",  which is located on the south coast of São Miguel
                               within 2 kilometer distance from oceanfront, and Populo Beach . I would like to recommend this beauty. A gem you
                               would love, if you prefer absolute tranquility and to be surrounded of a very beautiful garden. Each bungalow has its
                               own parking space and free BBQ facilities. This quiet place is not suitable for children.

                               The Quinta sits within the rural boundaries of the town of Livramento. It is approximately 8 kilometers to the city center of
                               Ponta Delgada. The central positioning of the Quinta in the island offers our visitors the best strategic point to discover
                               São Miguel.

                               7 km. north of Ponta Delgada is situated a very nice 27 holes golf course.

                               Vila Franco do Campo:

                               This is a larger charming town, from where you can take the boat to the island "Ilheu de Vila Franca". A very small and 
                               exiting island, which volcanic origin has shaped in a spectacular way, and where there is a "natural pool". See 
                               the pictures below.

                               In Vila Franco do Campo you will also find "Atlantico Splash". A very nice place for kids with several pools and
                               waterslides. See the pictures below.


                               In Furnas you will find several geysers.  It is so hot just below the surface, that you can cook your meal in small 
                               wells. If you visit the north part of the Furnas Lake around 11.30 a.m., you can see how the staff from local restau-
                               rants collect there huge casseroles, where they have been placed since around 04.00 a.m., and brings them back
                               to the restaurant. All ingredients are placed in the same casserole. (Beef, pork, chicken, veal and all varieties of 
                               vegetables.) Along with the earth heat it brings a very nice and exiting taste to the dish.

                                     There is a very nice 18 holes golf course nearby. In the Furnas valley close to Furnas town there is a nice and modern 

                                     See also General information about the Azores. ( F. A. Q. )



Ponta Delgada





















Ponta delgada " by night "








Vila Franca da Campo:


Ilheu de Vila Franca da Campo.


















Vila Franco do Campo "Aquasplash"





Ribeira Grande

















Sete Cidades:








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