São Jorge


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                                  São Jorge is situated in the same group of islands as Faial and Pico. The size is about 56 x 8 km. Here you have 
                                  a population of about 10,000 people.) 

                                  On São Jorge there are many, many places with beautiful nature, which inspires to walks into the countryside. 
                                  São Jorge is well known for the tasteful cheese produced on the island. There are no sandy beaches on this island.

                                  It is possible to take a ferry from São Jorge to Faial, Pico and Terceira. The ferry to Pico and Faial departs several 
                                  times during the daytime. The ferry to Terceira Faial departs a few times a week. The airport is situated close to Velas.

                                                  One of the most beautiful walks goes from the main road with a grade of 600 meters to Faja Da Caldeira. During the 
                                 decent it's possible to take a " shower " under the waterfalls. Further along the coast you reach Faja dos Cubles. The 
                                 walk takes about 3-5 hours incl. some breaks. The view's are breathtaking.  

                                 Velas has several nice restaurants. Especially with nice seafood and cheese.

                                 On Sao Jorge I must recommend a taxi-driver, who speaks fluent English, has a great sense of humor, and is 
                                 an excellent guide: José Manuel Vieira Rodriques, Residencia Queimada, 9800-307 Velas, tel.295 412 168, 
                                 Mobil 966780073.

                                 See also General information about the Azores. ( F. A. Q. )



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Ingreja de Santa Barbara


Ingreja de Santa Barbara


Ingreja de Santa Barbara


Ingreja de Santa Barbara


Ingreja de Santa Barbara

Ingreja de Santa Barbara.























































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