A few informations

      about myself.



                          My name is Jørn Rosenkilde. I'm 64 years old, and lives in Copenhagen ( Denmark ). 


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                         My primary interest is playing golf, which I have been doing for several years. My handicap is 21,6.
                         However, I do like to play this mysterious game.


Traveling is another major interest. I have been traveling to:

Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Dominican Republic, Holland, Germany, Italy ( Lake Garda, Sicily ), Spain ( Mallorca, Grand Canaries, Costa Del Sol, Ibiza ), Tunisia, Morocco, Portugal ( Madeira, Algarve, North- Portugal, Azores, Lisbon), U.S.A. ( east and west-coast, Mexican Gulf, Hawaii ), India, Nepal, Greece ( Rhodes, Crete, Corfu ), Hungary, Iceland, Hawaii, Mexico, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia (southwest-east, North, Tasmania), Cook Islands, Czech Rep., Greenland, Thailand, Cuba, Faroe Islands, Dubai, Mauritius, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Jamaica, Haiti, Canada, Bolivia, Indonesia, Tonga Islands.

I have visited several of the places many times.




Corvo        Flores        Pico          Sao Jorge        Graciosa

  Terceira          Sao Miguel         Faial       Santa Maria