Graciosa is in my personal opinion the most beautiful of all the 9 islands. But all the islands have their very own " per-
                          sonality ". Graciosa has a mild climate, and a very gentle nature with smooth hills, which can be seen from a long distance. 
                          Graciosa is about 8 x 12 km. If you have the time, you can easily spend 3-4 days to discover Graciosa. The population is 
                          about 4660.        

                          The most important town on the island is Santa Cruz. The airport is about 3 km. outside the center of the town. If you 
                          come to Graciosa by the ferry from Angra do Heroismo at Terceira, you will arrive in Praia, (also known as Sao Mateus). 
                          A town  that in the past was the most "important" town on the island.

                          The most interesting attraction on the island is absolutely FURNA DO ENXOFRE. An extinct volcano with a crater, 
                          which it is possible to enter all the way to the very bottom. Many years ago a tower was placed there with internal steps, 
                          that leads you rather comfortably to the very bottom. At the bottom there is a beautiful large deep lake. 

                          The opening at the top of the crater is fairly small, which make the visit even more exiting. This attraction is in my opi-
                          nion a must to visit. You can drive by car all the way to the crater entrance. The best time for a visit is between 11.00 AM
                          to 14.00 PM.

                          It can be difficult to rent a car on Graciosa, specially during the summer. There are busses which take to all of  the 
                          island, but only for some time of the day. You have to ask at the tourist office when you are there. So I recommend that 
                          you " rent a taxi " for a day, or for some hours. It is very easy to hitchhike. 

                          In Carapacho there is the health spa  TERMAS DO CARAPACHO, which provides treatments with thermal water, and 
                          claims to cure some bone and skin diseases. It's open from 1. May to 30. September.

                          The lighthouse at the point of Carapacho gives you a wonderful view towards Terceira, Sao Jorge, Pico and Faial.

                          Monte Nossa Senhora da Ajuda is the highest point around Santa Cruz, and gives you a magnificent view over 
                          Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas. In the outskirt of Santa Cruz towards the airport, there is a modern swimming-
                          pool area, with all the facilities you need.

                         There are only 3 residencias on Graciosa, with a total number of 44 rooms. During some periods of the year it may be 
                         be difficult to rent a room. An alternative could be renting an apartment. It may even be cheaper for you than residencias.
                         In the town of Feteira, which is centrally located on the island, is a modern fully equipped and very nice apartment for 
                         4-5 people. Contact Georgina Ferraz, who speaks very well English by Tel. 295 71 24 86 or write to: 
                         Georgina Ferraz, Canada Grotao, Feteira 38, 9880 - 204 Sao Mateus, Graciosa.

                         2 restaurant's which I would like to recommend are Restaurant "O Golfinno" ( also known as "Dolphin") in Carapacho, and 
                         Restaurant  "Toma-la-da Ca" in Praia.

                         In Santa Cruz there is a beautifully placed bullfighter arena. On occasions there are bullfights in the arena, and " Bullfight
                         by the rope " in some of the small villages around the island. When you are on Graciosa, DON'T miss this opportunity to
                         see what this is all about. It's very exiting and gathers many people from all over the island. Read more about this event in
                         specifics on the bullfighting page.

                        See also General information about the Azores. ( F. A. Q. )



Santa Cruz da Graciosa. 













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Rødtang til tørre.



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Carapacho Spa









Praia da Graciosa









Furna da Enxofre


Indkørslen gennem kratersiden til Furna do Enxofre










Vejret kan skifte hurtigt på Azorerne.























Vinmarker med Terceira i baggrunden















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Fest i Guadalupe


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