Flores is according to many travel-agencies the most beautiful of all of the islands. And for many good reasons. 
                                  Flores has a beautiful, tough and savage nature. I can highly recommend to visit the area around lake Rasa 
                                 and lake Funda on the south-western part of Flores. On the north-eastern part you must visit the surroundings of 
                                 Ponta Delgada. But there are many other nice places to visit.

                                 Flores is situated somewhat isolated out west close to Corvo. Only therefore Flores is perhaps not your first choice, 
                                 when you are planning your holiday on the Azores for the first time. But it must absolutely be your first choice next
                                 time you visit the Azores. Flores is about 13 x 17 km. and has a lot of beautiful nature to offer. Flores is the western-
                                 most point of Europe. The population amounts to 4,000.

                                 The biggest and most important town is Santa Cruz. Very close to Santa Cruz is the islands airport. From Flores
                                 you can go to Corvo by airplane, or go by a small boat which runs twice a day from Santa Cruz.

                                 In Santa Cruz and around the islands there are few hotels and residencias. Your choice could be "Residencial 
                                 Vila Flores". It's nice and clean and placed in the center of Santa Cruz. 

                                 If you prefer to rent a taxi, I'm pleased to recommend César Augusto Fonseca. He will also be glad to help you 
                                 with accommodation. His Telephone number is 
home (+351) 292593133 and the mobile is (+351) 962409193.
                                 He's an excellent guide and a really friendly man, who speaks fluently English and French.

                                 Cesar has 2 very nice apartments for rent in Lajes all year. Both apartments are fully equipped with kitchen,
                                 private bath, W.C., TV, free Wi-Fi internet. The big apartment for up to 4 persons costs 50 € per night all year.
                                 The slightly smaller apartment for 2 persons costs 35 € per night. In this apartment there are options for 1 more
                                 bed for 1 person, which costs 5 € per night.

                                 If you want transportation to/from the airport it costs 10€, but just for persons staying in one of the apartments.

                                 You can contact Cesar on telephone (+351) 292593133 and mobile (+351) 962409193 or per mail:

                                  Here are some pictures from the 2 apartments:








                                 Note that the area  where you can use your mobile phone, is very limited on Flores.  

                                 In Lajes das Flores there is an "Internet café" in the library next to the town hall. It's open between 09.00 AM and 
                                17.00 PM. And it's free.

                                 There are few restaurants in Santa Cruz. I can recommend a humble, but absolutely one of the very best, situated 
                                 close to the harbour. It's managed by the family and named  " Sereia ", Rua dr. Armas da Silveira 30. Very nice
                                 and friendly people, who serve excellent local food in a friendly atmosphere. They also have very cheap rooms for 

                                See also General information about Azores. ( F. A. Q. )


Santa Cruz da Flores.













Lajes das Flores









































Caldeira Rasa and Caldeira Funda






















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