Faial is one in the Azores islands that you very often see recommended by tourist authorities. And for many 
                               good reasons. It has a beautiful landscape, and is placed in a good position if you want  to visit  the islands of 
                               Pico and São Jorge. Faial also has a sunny climate, and a wonderful view towards Pico. Faial is absolutely 
                               worth a visit. Faial is about 21 x 14 km. and the main town is Horta. Here you have a population of about
                              16.000 people.

                               If you are planning to go to Faial by air from Terceira or São Miguel and it's sold out, then you can try  to get a
                               ticket to Pico Airport instead. Take a taxi from the airport to the Madalena-Horta ferry.  The ferry only takes about 
                              35 minutes, and runs all day long.

                               In 1957 there was a huge eruption on the eastern side of Faial, which together with a heavy earthquake destroyed
                               many houses incl. the lighthouse. But it added about 1,5 Square kilometres to the area of the western part of Faial 
                               named " Ponta dos Capelinhos", which is a very exiting area, and a must to visit. Here you will get a very good 
                               impression of the incredible power from the nature. There is a small museum here. Also in 1998 there was a huge
                               earthquake measuring 6,8 on the Richter scale, which of cause destroyed many buildings.

                               Faial has a good bus transportation system, that covers the entire island. Apart from Sao Miguel Faial is visited 
                               by the largest numbers of tourists. The reason could very well be the very big Marina. Many sailors crossing the 
                               Atlantic take a break here. 

                               There are several nice hotels and residencias in and around Horta, which is the biggest and most important
                               town on Faial.

                               The nature of Faial is dominated by the volcano named "Caldeira do Faial", which created Faial in the first place.
                                It's possible to drive all the way to the very top of the extinct volcano. From the top there is a magnificent view of
                                most of Faial and towards the islands of Pico and São Jorge.

                                The ferry to the Pico island leaves from Horta several times during the day. There Is also regular ferry service to
                                Sao Jorge and Terceira during the summer. If you plan to visit Pico and want to rent a car, I recommend that you 
                                establish contact with to a car rental company in Horta. They will arrange for you to be picked up at the ferry at 
                                Madalena harbour by a local car rental company. All the paperwork is done in advance, and within no time at all,  
                                your are on your way to discover Pico.

                                If you are flying from Faial to Sao Miguel, you MIGHT have the opportunity to see the very top of Pico, at a very 
                                close range. The plane fly very close at the same altitude as the very top of Pico. It's really a breathtaking view. 
                                Being in position to take pictures, make sure you are sitting on the left side in the airplane away from the wing.

                                2 restaurants I would like to recommend. "Restaurant A AVORE", Rua da Conceicao 23. (Eastern part of Horta). 
                               They only serve buffet, but what a nice big buffet. Several hot meals, and many kinds of salads at an affordable 
                               price. All well prepared in a cozy atmosphere. They have English speaking staff.

                                   "Restaurant Kabem Todos", placed next to the fire station in the eastern part of Horta. Very nice meals from a 
                               well assorted menu. Friendly and polite English speaking staff.


                                See also General information about the Azores. ( F. A. Q. )











































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