This site is all about the Azores, and contains a lot of information's and more than 800 nice pictures from the

                                  These untouched beautiful islands have to be seen. Therefore I have enclosed a lot of nice pictures from 
                                  all 9 islands. On the Azores you won't find mass tourism as known from other places. To me the Azores are 
                                  one of the last untouched areas of natural beauty. 

                                  The Azores are nature, peace and tranquility far away from "heavy night life" and long sandy beaches. And
                                  the native people of the Azores are very friendly, helpful and open to meet "guests".

                                  This site is created entirely due to my love and affection for the Azores and the
                                  Azorean people. I visited the Azores for the first time in 1989, and have been there several times since for 
                                  longer periods.

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        Each island on the map is a link to a lot of 
       information and many nice pictures from this island.


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Lake Funda and Lake Rasa on Flores.
                    Beautiful ?                    


A lot of usefull informations about Azores.   General information about the Azores. (F. A. Q.)

S.A.T.A. is the only local airline company, and connect all 9 islands.   S.A.T.A.   (Azorean airline company.)

   Weather forecast for Ponta Delgada (So Miguel) for the next 5 days.)
   Azores Natural Lodging. 
   TAP Air Portugal.
   Official site with some information about the Azores.
Absolutely useless information's and total waist of your time.   About myself.   
   Golf on the Azores.      
   Atlanticoline. Another company with 2 passenger and cargo ferries sailing between the islands.       
   Transmacor. Passenger and cargo ferries between the islands.       
Whalewatching is a MUST visiting Azores   Whale Watching.
Bullfighting is great fun.   Bullfighting. (Touradas corda).
   Events in 2014 (festas)
   Flowers and plants on the Azores.
   Information about harbours and marinas on the Azores.
   PortalAcores. Search engine entirely about the Azores.

"Antes morrer livres que em paz sujeitos"
"Rather die free than peacefully subjected"


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